I know you can only see our smiles in this photo, but try to imagine all the EXCITEMENT that was fueling through our bodies. We were about to start our 4 day vacation in paradise with each other, and we didn't know how to contain all of our excitement!!!

We all arrived at Craig Airport (and might I say all on time, which is a shocker to some of us) and boarded our amazing way of transportation...a private jet! Kelsey's parents were so sweet to let us use their plane, and we all felt as boujee & classy as can be.

Our flight to the Bahamas was only an hour, and was as smooth as possible! Here is our vacation story...

Kelsey's parents house in Baker's Bay Golf & Ocean Club

Once we arrived to our house in Baker's Bay (and acted like children running through the house as quick as possible to pick out our bedroom) we all changed into our bathing suits, and headed to the Casamigos Bar! This was 100% our favorite hangout spot while here. Giles, was the Bartender the entire weekend, and he made us feel so welcomed 🌴 Next to the bar was the Casamigos Taco Truck that had alllll the goodies! I'm pretty sure I ordered their Shrimp Tacos every single day that we were there. There may or may not have been a day that I even ordered them twice 😉

We had the bar, a view & SWINGS

Shrimp Tacos from the Casamigos Taco Truck

Casamigos Taco Truck

UNLIMITED Casamigos AKA dangerous

GILES! Best Bartender on the Island

Views on top of the bar

This was pretty much our whole entire day, and we were so okay with that! Our vacation had just started, and it was time to live it up ☀️

Captain Willy



Day 2 was our BOAT DAY!! We put on our bathing suits, grabbed our cooler, party pants, and Captain Willy and we headed out for a day on the water! Our first stop was swimming with the pigs. Before we left for this vacation, I was over the moon excited to see all the pigs! Welp, not too long after, I learned/heard of stories where the pigs tend to sometimes get aggressive. So, I only got off of the boat for 0.5 seconds to feed the piglets, and then got my happy behind back on the boat 🤣. They were super cute tho! The boys, and Ariel got in the water to feed them, and had a great time! If you're ever in the Bahamas, you have to go!!

After swimming with the pigs, we took a boat ride over to Treasure Sand Club which is another beach club in The Abacos. They're located on a farm, and offer Farm-To-Table cuisine for Lunch & Dinner. We ordered Calamari and Ceviche for our appetizers and they were AMAZING!! I've always loved Ceviche, but this was HANDS DOWN the best I've ever had! Instead of having crackers to place it on - they had plantains! Sooo delicious!! We then sipped on our drinks, ate our lunch, and then headed back on the boat to head back to Baker's Bay!

** At Lunch, we overheard Justin Bieber & Dustin Johnson had just arrived in Baker's** Stick around to hear all about it 😋

Justin & Hailey Bieber

Once we arrived back, we grabbed our golf cart and headed back to the infamous Casamigos Bar! On our way, we passed by the golf range and spotted non other than Justin & Hailey Bieber.

Our inner teenager came out as we got so excited, but then realized this wasn't a time NOR place that you bother these celebs. So we snapped this pic, and headed to the bar.

We thought this was going to be our only run in with the Biebs...but boy were we wrong! Stick around for that story next 😏




Day 3 was without a doubt my favorite! The boys had their time together, & so did the girls! After all, we are all couples, and deserve a break from one another 🙈 So, the boys woke up early, and got to golf on one of the prettiest golf courses their little hearts will ever get to play on. Imagine getting to play your favorite sport while having amazing tropical views!! At Baker's Bay, you aren't allowed to golf with your shoes on, so they were barefoot for all 18 holes! The 10th hole (I believe) is right next to the Casamigos bar, so they got to stop for a few shots with Giles before finishing their round. The top 3 pictures up above are the views from the 10th. INCREDIBLE! When the boys finished their game, we all met up at the pool, but let me tell ya all about our girls day first...

Drinks & a view at Nipper's

Twinning that morning with my sister

on the way to drop our buoy

our buoy on the infamous buoy tree - which is tradition on the island

If Kylie & I had a dollar for everytime we got asked "are y'all sisters" thiat day

Kelsey & I back at the Casamigos Bar?! SHOCKED


When the boys left for golf, us girlies had the entire house to ourselves. You know what that meant?! Prosecco-PONG!!! If you aren't familiar, just imagine beer pong, but with PROSECCO 😍 We knew it was our last day, so we were going to make it worth it!!!

Once finished with our delicious games, we took the golf cart to lunch, and then headed to the worlds famous NIPPERS Beach Bar & Grill ! I've heard crazy stories about this bar and couldn't wait to visit. Nipper's is usually packed like sardines, but we got there early on Saturday, and basically had the whole entire place to ourselves! The drinks & views were absolutely incredible, and I didn't want to leave! I'm pretty sure by the time we left, it was around 1pm, and we figured it was time to meet the boys at the pool since they just finished their round of Golf.

You guys... this next story is my favorite from the entire trip. Even though it is extremely bumming and depressing 😅

The one time we met Justin Bieber...a memoir

Kelsey: "MacKenzie smile and say cheese"

Me incredibly sober (???): "WHY?! ...ohhhh"


The pool is heaven on earth

We just wanted Hailey Beiber to notice us

Before we all got whiplash from the slip-n-slide

As I said earlier, this place is not a place to freakout when you see celebs. A lot of them vacation here, and its their time to disconnect with the world, and just relax. So we let them be, while we tried to play it cool and be chill(??) from afar. The boys had been golfing all day and us girls had been drinking all day, so we minded our own business and went swimming, played on the water-slide, and ate our weights worth of Gazpacho 🙌🏻 You're probably thinking " is this you meeting THE BIEBS?!" Well my friends, here is how the depressing story starts

The whole entire trip, the boys had a golf cart of their own, as did we. We ALSO each had a speaker of our own as well. That morning, the boys decided to take the speaker that had been charged all night, leaving us with the speaker that was on its way to death. Little did they know, that their choice of taking the charged speaker, will rip our hearts out later.

Fast forward to when we decided to leave the pool! We all decided that we were going to head to the Casamigos Bar for a bit before we needed to go home and shower before dinner. So the boys left the pool, and once us girls got all of our stuff from the pool, we decided it was time to head out too.

When we were walking from the pool over to our golf cart, we noticed JB and his clan right behind us walking to their golf cart as well. We were keeping it calm, cool, and collected while also not trying to pee our pants.

We pulled out at the same time, and they were riding behind us for a few minutes.

MIND YOU - We had been blasting Billie Eilish "Ocean Eyes" the entire weekend, and were listening to it non-stop on the way to the bar


As we're all blasting this song, and singing our hearts out, we come to a stop sign (JB + his crew still behind us) and Justin says "wait...let me pull my phone out so I can send Billie a video of you guys singing her song.

We all SH** a brick, but ya know... kept it cool, calm, and collected like we're normal or something??

I was sitting in the back of the golf cart, and went to lift up the speaker so he could hear better, and Y'ALL.....THE SPEAKER FREAKING DIES ON US!!!!!!!!!

I'm pretty sure my heart sank into my butt.

Kelsey gets out of the golf cart since the song is now playing on her phone, and runs over to their golf cart. He told us "I'm sorry girls, its just not the same" and then drove off...

I'm not kidding when I say I sat on the beach for 30 minutes after that and pretty much cried (dramatic I know). But like???? Can y'all imagine? This was our once in a life time chance to even talk to him, or have a chance like that, and it was taken from us. Wanna know why?! BECAUSE THE BOYS LEFT US WITH THE DEAD CHARGER.

Lets just say the girls had lots of nice words to say to the boys :-)))))))

We hung out with Giles for another hour, and then headed back to the house to get ready for dinner.

It was also on our way home that we kinda sorta messed up Dustin Johnson when he was about to tee up on the 10th hole 😅 The boys obviously pissed themselves because they got to see DJ in person (and of course Paulina Gretzky) and I don't think they've ever been so excited to apologize to someone haha

Dinner in Baker's

My sweet Groom

These girlies right here!!!

The one and only MICHAEL JORDAN

Kelsey & her poppin' highlight

We ate dinner the last night on Baker's property and it was 10/10! Not just because Michael Jordan was sitting right next to us 😎 It was so nice to be sitting at a nice dinner after the last few eventful days and be able to enjoy each others time, while reminiscing over crazy stories from the weekend. I really and truly cant get over how lucky I am to have each and every one of these peeps as my bestfriends. Blake and I are so blessed to have each one of these friendships, and its one that will last LEGIT forever. Each of us have waaaay different personalities, and I think that's why we match so perfectly. I cant wait for our next trip!

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! Where shall we go next?!

Time to head home :(





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