How Blue Light Blocking Glasses Changed My Life

About a month ago, I started to get HORRIBLE migraines. These were the type of migraines that wouldn't stop throbbing, and would continue into the next day, and then onto the next. I tried to think of all the reasons why I started to get them out of no where. Was it lack of sleep? The pressure dropping constantly from all of this FL rain? Too much caffeine?! I was never the person to suffer from this... only minuscule headaches from time to time. SO its safe to say that I wasn't taking this pain too well. I'm not sure about you guys, but I don't tolerate pain well at all. If I'm in pain, best believe I'm going to make it known and everyone is going to know about it LOL.

Then one morning, I did my usual...woke up and started checking all of my notifications. I hadn't had a migraine since the early morning before, and then BOOM. She was back, and in full affect. Then a light bulb when off in my head... "MacKenzie, you're without a doubt getting these migraines from how much you tend to look at your phone and laptop". So, I do what everyone does when they have a question about something... GOOGLE!

Blue Light Blocking Glasses was the first post to pop up. It wasn't the first time I'd seen these glasses. I'd see them start to pop up randomly on my feed, but never needed them, because a month before this time I really had no prob! A lot of the ones I looked at online were a little expensive, so I did the next thing that a lot of people do when looking for good deals...AMAZON!

First of all, Amazon had so many choices of Blue Light Blocking Glasses, but I wanted to find a frame that was fun and came in fun colors :) I decided to get them in Transparent, but they also have Pink, Red, Green, and a few more! Not to mention they're only FIFTEEN DOLLARS!!! ...


Blue Light Blocking Glasses prevent blue light from our phones, and computers from reaching our retinas. "The absence of blue light stimuli on the PRG's mimics natural physiological darkness. This in turn causes the SCN to signal the pineal gland to increase melatonin production. As melatonin production increases we feel sleepier and thus shift our phase sleep earlier. "

Blue light also causes oxidative stress and high levels of oxidative stress that are associated with migraines. SO I knew a "buy now with one-click" on Amazon was the only thing standing in the way of (hopefully) getting rid of my excruciating migraines and hopefully better sleep.


I wore these bad boys for a week, and here are some of the amazing changes they've brought into my life. When they came in the mail, I put them on immediately. I had them when I was on my phone, watching tv, and while on my laptop. I didn't get a migraine that first day, but I still had a slight headache...but I'd 100% take that over the pain I was going through weeks before that.

Before I started wearing my Blue Light Blocking Glasses, I would be on the struggle bus when trying to fall asleep after watching TV. Blake and I always find something to watch while we're in bed or in the living room to kind of help us unwind from a long day of work or just life in general. Every time we'd turn the tv off, B would fall RIGHT to sleep and I would sit there for HOURS. The Blue Light from my phone would have my brain wired, and it never knew how to shut down...UNTIL THE FIRST NIGHT I WORE THEM BEFORE BED. I kid you not, I wore them from 8PM until we turned the TV off at 10PM and I fell RIGHT to sleep. I honestly didn't even remember the last time I was able to just turn myself off and fall asleep. Especially that early!

As the week progressed, so did my results :) My migraines were a thing of the past (knock on wood) and my sleep cycle was so on point. By taking Blue Light out of my life as much as possible, my eyes weren't being so strained.

I cannot express just how much these glasses helped my day to day life, and I without a doubt recommend them to anyone who works in an office and is on the computer all day, casually on your phone a lot, or if you're sensitive to bright lights. I'm so lucky I decided to give these a try, and I can't wait to buy more in different colors :)

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