Lash Day at Dosage Beauty Bar

LADIES! We've pretty much all had our mishap of fake lashes, am I right?? For me personally, it became such an annoyance that I allotted myself two hours for makeup when I was about to go out, because I KNEW something was bound to go wrong. Whether the reason being was that the glue just wasn't sticking, the lashes weren't even, or they would just look so unnatural that I would have to take them off all together. I mean, let's be one wants to look like they've got Chewbacca (Hey all my Star Wars nerds) on their face.

I always DREAMED of what a life would feel like when I didn't have to depend on false lashes. Because, let's be real, your lashes can't look bomb unless you've got falsies on, ORyou've attacked your lashes with three coats of mascara or more.

THEN, heaven came knocking on my door when my best friend, Kylie (HEY KY) showed me DOSAGE's instagram page. Can I just say that I've seen some AWFUL lash extensions?! So naturally, in the beginning I was a little iffy to say the least. However, when I scrolled through their pictures, I fell in love and I knew they were the salon to make my lashes beyond FLEEK :) So, Ky and I made an appointment, and patiently waited for this life changing day to come!

When we first got to the salon, we were greeted by Kendall (the owner) and I wanted to IMMEDIATELY become her BFF. She was just so warm and welcoming, and opened up her salon like it was a home. Really...she pulled up the cutest pink ottoman so I could prop up my feet while I was on my laptop, such a sweetheart. PLUS, she is just a mega babe business woman, and I hope to be like her one day.

While Ky got her lashes done, I started taking pictures of the salon, and I don't think it could have been any cuter! Plus, the bottles of VEUVECLICQUOT were a pretty nice touch ;) Seriously, Kendall might have to become my very own interior designer!!

Once the two hours were up, and Ky was all done, it was my turn. Y'ALL, the bed I got to lay on, had 4 inches of memory foam, and ya girl was in HEAVEN. She also has the warmest fleece blanket, and if we didn't talk during my whole appointment I would have passed out cold (kinda like Ky did).

As far as which lashes to go for, there are "classic" and "volume" and you can get an idea of what you'd like from previous pictures on the DOSAGE insta page. Me and Ky both decided on "classic" to stay on the more natural side, and man can I say that they looked natural AND better than any fake lashes I've ever applied. This was without a doubt a game changer. They say that the eyes are the nipple of the face, which is so true LOLZ. I could go without wearing makeup and my face would still light up! I cannot recommend DOSAGE enough. I, MacKenzie Berger, promise you wont regret it!



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