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I know, I know...long time no see. I haven't written a blog post in FOREVER, but I'm going to do my best to get back into it :) Today, I will be going over the products that I used when I went live last week on Instagram, and I will link where they came from (Sephora, Target, Ulta, Amazon, etc). I will say, this makeup routine has been mine for 3+ months, and I swear by each of these!!! On that note, lets jump in!


The Primer I use is the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer. This is the most expensive product out of all my makeup ($54), but I'm telling wont want another primer after you've used it. I've had it for 3 months and I'm not even halfway through the bottle!! That's because you only need a dime size amount or less and it covers your whole face. Plus, not to mention its as soft as butter. If you don't know, primer is a product you put on before your foundation/concealer and helps your makeup stay and look flawless throughout the day :)


Y'ALL listen, I've said this 100 times over, and the Fenty Pro Filter Soft Matte Longwear Foundationis the BOMB.COM. Its a matte foundation that doesn't move alllll day long, and isn't heavy or cakey. My skin is oily, and every foundation I used before this would move from my skin. However, with this foundation, I can wear it for 12+ hours without it moving. Fenty also has AMAZING coverage. I have acne scars, and once I blend it into my skin, you can barely see them! I don't even have to conceal!! I've had this bottle for 3 months, and I still have 1/4 of the bottle left. Cannot rave about this product enough!!

BEAUTY BLENDER (which I forgot to picture)

I honestly don't remember what life was like before beauty blenders became a thing. Like, were we even blending our foundation/concealer in correctly?? Did we even have a flawless finish?? Well I know I do now with my favorite beauty blender, which is the L'Oreal Infallible Beauty Blender. This product, unlike other beauty blenders, doesn't take away a lot of foundation/concealer when you're blending. It really does its job, and blends your makeup flawlessly into your face! The top of the beauty blender is slender, which helps to get in smaller areas of the face (under eyes), and the bottom is wide, which helps get to bigger areas of the face (cheeks). Plus its oh so soft!


Unwanted blemishes, and dark under eyes are unfortunately a thing at times, but I am so lucky to have found a concealer that actually CONCEALS. I'm talking about the Maybelline Master ConcealConcealer. This is yet another product that you don't need much of, because a little goes a loooong way. I have used this for foreeeever now, and I don't have any plans of using anything else :) I use the color "light" just so I can have a brighter look to my under eyes! It will be the best $6 you've ever spent


So, for setting powder I have 2 favorites. One is drug store, and the other is a higher end product. The first one is the Revlon Colorstay Pressed Translucent Powderand the other is the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder.I do tend to use the Laura Mercier powder the most, but both work just as amazing! I use this to "bake" my face and help set my makeup so it doesn't move and to help with my contour! When I bought my LM powder, it came in a kit with a little round powder applier, and I use this to apply onto my face! Its called the Laura Mercier Velour Puffand I'm obsessed.


So, for my contour, I use my Tarte Contour & Conquer Setwhich includes 2 highlighters, a contour, and mascara. The highlight color are absolutely stunning and the contour color is just the color that I need!! I apply it with my Real Techniques Powder Brush (which I will be posting down below) and the color goes on flawlessly!! This whole set is a $49 value sold at, wait for it...$29!! Its 100% worth it!!


Alright y'all, this is my favorite part of my makeup routine!!! Only because I love how much brightness it brings to your face. Sick and look like death? HIGHLIGHT and you will come back to life. Honestly LOL. I have about 6 different ones in my possession, and two are my favorite that I can't live without. The first is my #1 which is my Stilla "Kitten" Highlight.Its a creamy highlighter, so it goes on perfectly!! I apply all my highlighters with my Anastasia Highlight Brush (which I will be posting down below as well) after I spray my NYX setting spray to make the colors pop even more!! Once I apply Stilla, I take my next fav highlight and apply it right on top. This next one is the Wet n Wild MegaGlow Highlight(which is under $5 btw). Why do I apply both you ask?? WELL, other than being the extra person that I am, I noticed that if I add a powder highlight onto a cream highlight, it makes it GLOW x100! Where do I apply it you might ask? Above my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, above my lip, and on my upper eyelid.


Is there a better brand than Urban Decay when it comes to eyeshadows? Probably some that are just as good, but Urban Decay was my very first ever eyeshadow pallet so I'm a tad biased!! My favorite pallet by them is their Urban Decay Ultimate Basics, which is actually on sale right now as we speak!! The colors of this pallet is my favorite because it contains neutrals, reds, and dark shadows for a smokey eye!! Its honestly everything you need in one!!


I used to use setting spray to "set" my makeup into place, but now that I have such an amazing primer and foundation, I don't need to use anymore. HOWEVER, I do spray it onto my highlighter brush right before I swipe them through my highlighters, just to make the colors pop even more! This setting spray is the NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray.


So I know I'm not the only one who has this problem, but the majority of the brushes I use are from High School. Lol Oops!! But, I do have some that have been purchased within the last year that I can't live without :)

1. Real Techniques Powder Brush. I use this when applying my contour to my cheekbones and to my forehead. Its a bigger powder brush so it is amazing at blending!!

2. Face Secrets Flat Foundation Brush. Even though its a foundation brush, I use this to pat my setting powder into my face and to later on blend out.

3. Sephora Fan Brush. This brush is used for my blush (which I also don't have pictures). The fan shape of the brush is perfect for sweeping blush right onto your cheeks :)

4. Colourpop Small Detail Brush.I use this to apply my highlighter onto my inner eye, and onto the top of my brow! This little brush is great at applying a whole bunch of product!!


So, it's no secret when I tell you that Colourpop is and will most likely always be my favorite lip color brand. Why you might ask?? Because of their amazing prices, their quality, and how long they last! In my live video I used "Times Square" which is just one of many Ultra Matte Lips I use by them. Trust me, All of their liquid lips are TO DIE FOR!!!


MacKenzie Berger


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