Spring Shoes: All $50 and Below

Somebody say SPRING SHOES $50 AND UNDER?!

Its not like it gets super cold here in Florida, but I was ready for some sunshine, and most importantly, SPRING SHOES. Its almost like a cycle - it will be winter and I'm daydreaming about being in bathing suits and wedges. OR its summer and I cant wait to pull out my favorite sweater dress with my OTK boots! Anyone else like that? Well, obviously my mood currently is GIMME ALLLL THE WARM WEATHER CLOTHES. I have a huge Amazon/Shein haul coming for Spring Vacay outfits, but I wanted to make sure I touched all bases here and gave you guys the 411 of my favorite Spring Shoes for $50 & under. I really do enjoy trying to find the best deals possible, and believe me...there are some shoe deals on this blog post that have shoes for over 50% off! So, if you're in the market for new wedges, espadrilles, and sandals, DIG IN!